CPR 4-0-1 + 2% Fe (Chelated) (4-0-1)

CPR 4-0-1 + 2% Fe (Chelated) (4-0-1)


  • CPR stands for colour, performance, roots
  • Pharmaceutical grade True Foliar
  • Absorbed through transcuticular pores
  • Can be used in conjunction with True Foliar range in a programme
  • Surfactant root growth hormone and iron in one container


Suitable for

  • Greens
  • Low cut turf
  • Cricket wickets
  • Croquet greens
  • Short cut tees
  • Fairways



  • True Foliar, fast absorption and translocation - efficient use of nutirents.
  • Control over plant nutrients - low N, no flushes of growth.
  • Greatly enhances root growth.
  • Unique blend of Panasea Plus, SeaQuential Micronutrient Complex and proprietary aquatrols surfactants.
  • Greatly relieves stress related to heat, mowing, drought and cold.
  • Excellent instant, natural, long lasting colour.
  • Amongst the highest levels of cytokinins on the market.


General Information

CPR helps turf in three major ways. It enhances root growth and stress tolerance, it adds a premium wetting agent to assist in turf absorption and it dramatically lifts turf performance and provides a sustained natural colour response. Can be used in a programme with the True Foliar range. This product is a premier grade True Foliar fertiliser which is hard to beat for performance.


Application Rates

Apply 20 L/ha in a minimum of 400 L/ha water every two weeks or as required.

Pack Size: 9.47 litres and 57 litres, shake the container well before use.