Fairway Sequential 6-0-2 (6-0-1)

Fairway Sequential 6-0-2 (6-0-1)


  • Can be used in conjunction with CPR and Fairway 30-0-0


Suitable for

  • Stadia
  • Fairways
  • Tees
  • Sportsfields



  • Used with Fairway 30-0-0 and CPR, these products apply about 10 kg nitrogen per hectare per month for controlled growth.
  • Excellent natural colour which lasts for three weeks.
  • Greatly assists in stress tolerance and disease resistance.


General Information

Emerald Isle fairway nutrient products and programmes combine the benefits of a superior seaplant and fulvic acid with quality macro and micro (chelated) nutrients. The nutrition programme helps improve the physiological fitness of the turf, and they provide great long lasting natural colour which lasts the full three weeks. Colour that lasts is a clear sign of healthy turf that is stress free and disease resistant.


Application Rates

Apply 20 L/ha in a minimum of 400 L/ha water every three weeks.

Pack Size: 57 litres shake the container well before use.