True Foliar NPK Plus 10-3-16

True Foliar NPK Plus 10-3-16


  • Pharmaceutical grade True Foliar
  • Absorbed through transcuticular pores and stomata openings
  • Complete feeding foliar supply. Exact balanced plant nutrient requirements
  • Best used in conjunction with CPR and other True Foliars in a programme


Suitable for

  • Greens
  • Low cut turf
  • Cricket wickets
  • Croquet greens
  • Short cut tees
  • Fairways



  • Phosphite assists in disease resistance.
  • Phosphite breaks down to elemental phosphorous as a nutrient.
  • The phosphorous is held in the plant (rather than being leached).
  • Only True Foliar phosphite with sea plant extract currently available.
  • Contains added fulvic acid, amino acids and biostimulants.
  • Controlled sustained feeding - no flushes of growth.
  • Greatly relieves stress related to heat, mowing and drought.


General Information

True Foliar NPK, along with substantial amounts of N, P and K, also contains a unique blend of phosphite, seaweed extract and fulvic acid. Can be used in a programme with CPR and other True Foliar products. This product is a premium grade foliar fertiliser which is hard to beat for performance.


Application Rates

Apply 10 L/ha in a minimum of 400 L/ha water every two weeks over the summer "season".

Pack Size: 9.47 litres, shake the container well before use.