True Foliar Si 3-0-10

True Foliar Si 3-0-10


  • Pharmaceutical grade True Foliar
  • Absorbed through transcuticular pores and stomata openings
  • Can be used in conjunction with CPR and other True Foliars in a programme
  • Excellent for adjusting ball-roll speed on greens


Suitable for

  • Greens
  • Low cut turf
  • Cricket wickets
  • Croquet greens
  • Short cut tees
  • Fairways



  • Greatly strengthens the rigidity of turfgrass leaves (excellent for greens pre-tournament).
  • Assists in more "upright" growth and more accurate ball roll.
  • Improves stress and disease tolerance.
  • Contains seaplant extract which provides vitamins, amino acids, cytokinins and other proprietary biostimulants.
  • Controlled sustained feeding - no flushes of growth.
  • Greatly relieves stress related to mowing, heat and drought.


General Information

True Foliar Si features two different types of nitrogen, and multiple forms of potassium unique to Emerald Isle products. Si helps to strengthen turf grass leaves for improved turf grass stress tolerance, and assists in more accurate ball-roll speed. Can be used in a programme with CPR and other True Foliar products. This product is a premium grade foliar fertiliser which won’t be beaten for performance. Excellent when mixed with CPR and MgMn in a tournament preparation programme.


Application Rates

Apply 10 L/ha in a minimum of 400 L/ha water every two weeks over the summer "season".

Pack Size: 9.47 litres, shake the container well before use.