Bioboost 6-2-0 + Trace Elements


  • Organic slow release
  • 2.4 mm non-burning granule
  • Heat dried bio solid from surplus wastewater micro-organisms (not manufactured from sludge)
  • New Zealand's equivalent to US leading organic fertiliser Milorganite


Suitable for

  • Amenity turf
  • Fairways
  • Tees
  • Ornamental areas
  • Gardens



  • Organic, non-burning, slow release and weed-free.
  • Typically 12% of nitrogen is water soluble. The remainder requires conversion by microbes in the soil, therefore very slow release (6 - 9 months and little leaching).
  • 70% organic matter - therefore excellent soil conditioning properties.
  • Manufactured in accordance with NZ Health Department requirements.
  • Very cost effective fertiliser.


General Information

Bioboost is a heat dried bio-solid manufactured from the surplus micro-organisms used in aeration ponds of municipal waste water treatment. (Note: it is not manufactured from the sludge). These "clean" micro-organisms are separated from the "clean" effluent water, and rotationally dried in a high temperature thermal drying process which sterilises, pelletises and dries Bioboost to 90% solids.



Not to be applied to grazing land. Dried to 90% solids but improper (damp) storage may release objectionable/foul odours. Note precautions stated on the bags.


Application Rates

Surface application: Spring 1000 - 1500kg/ha, Summer 500 - 1000kg/ha.

Renovation: 1500 - 2000kg/ha. Tees and greens reconstruction: 2000 - 4000kg/ha incorporated to a depth of 75 - 100mm.

Pack size: 25kg, 500kg, 800kg and bulk.