• 41% Solucal S (Gypsum)
  • 31% Slow release starter fertiliser (Andersons 19-11-4)
  • 12% Seaplant meal, from Sand-Aid
  • 10% Granular soil wetter (Restore)
  • 6% coated potassium (Andersons Nutri-DG 0-0-25)
  • Up to 10 weeks performance
  • SGN 125 to 150 (1.25-1.5mm particle size)


Suitable for

  • Renovating greens
  • Tees
  • Bowling greens
  • All other turf surfaces



  • Mini prill forumlation for easy spreading onto renovation areas and fine turf. Small enough to fall into grooves and core holes.
  • Stimulates rapid growth recovery after renovations.
  • Increases CEC levels in sand profiles.
  • Includes Solucal S (Gypsum) treated with PHCA acid for immediate plant availability. Because of the inclusion of PHCA acid, Solucal S (Gypsum) is four times the power of standard Gypsum.
  • Sand-Aid, an internationally recognised granular organic Seas-Plant Meal - encourages fantastic recovery and root growth.


General Information

A pre-mixed granular renovation product which contains 5 of the most commonly used products in turf renovation. Customers’ results speak for themselves with this product, especially recovery from renovation, increased root growth, along with the benefits of methylene urea slow release nitrogen, slow release coated potassium and a small amount of granular wetting agent.


Application Rates

Apply 200-400kg/ha.

Pack Size: 25kg bags. Exclusive to PGG Wrightson Turf.