Rooster Booster 4-2.5-2


  • Pelletised organic chicken manure
  • Ongoing and steady nutrient release
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Excellent renovation amendment
  • Pelletised for easy spreading
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper and boron


Suitable for

  • Most turf surfaces either as a topical fertiliser or as an amendment at renovation or construction
  • Sand mediums
  • Greens
  • Sand sportsfields



  • Organic, therefore suits those who do not want to use synthetic fertilisers.
  • Requires conversion by soil microbes to a form of readily available nutrients to the plant - therefore provides some slow release characteristics.
  • Promotes stong root growth and corrects poor CEC levels.


General Information

Organic fertiliser (chicken manure) for healthy robust turf.



Water well after application to avoid burn.

Application Rates

Apply 250-500kg/ha

Pack Size: 25 kg