AquaMAXX Pellets

AquaMAXX Pellets

A convenient way to apply the proven Aqua-Aid chemistry when hand watering and syringing.



  • Increases water penetration
  • Reduces localised dry spot
  • Helps wet hydrophobic soils
  • Reduces hand watering
  • Simple to use - no mixing


General Information

This unique formulation of wetting agent, fortified kelp and surfactants, contains no binders, salt or insoluble materials. AquaMAXX® pellets are non ionic, 100% active and non-toxic to turf grasses. For use in the Aqua-Aid PROportioners, these pelllets can be applied all year round with no phytotoxicity.


Application Rates

Insert one AquaMAXX® tablet into the clear PROportioner bowl (with or without the container). Under average PSI of 60 - 90 PSI (620 - 827 kPa), one pellet will last approximately 1100m2, approximately one to three greens depending on how much the operatore (of the PROportioner) saturates the turf area.

Pack Size: Boxes of 6 (6x8 oz, 26.8g pellets).