Moisture retaining aid - stores moisture around the root zone and makes it available to turfgrasses 


  • Made up of two components, a wetting agent for spreading water evenly and a second component to hold water
  • Retains additional moisture down in the root zone away from evaporation
  • Retains up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone at field capacity (research data provided by Sportsturf Technology)
  • Is 100% active ingredient and does not contain fillers


Suitable for

Tees, fairways, greens, sportsfields (icons)



  • Retains up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture
  • Non-burning (at label rates)
  • Reduces turf wilting and moisture/heat stress
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces the frequency of irrigation


General Information

Its unique bi-active formula provides both outstanding penetration along with superior moisture retention.  Bi-Agra™’s strength is its ability to retain additional moisture in normally low water-retaining root zones. Unlike polyacrylamides which hold water tightly, Bi-Agra™ holds moisture in the soil, yet allows water availability through the normal process of osmosis as required by the roots. Bi-Agra™ should be used as a curative treatment on severely water repellent soils to assist with the rewetting of dry root zones.


Application  Rates

25 - 50L/ha in 400 - 800L water per hectare. Use higher rate where increased moisture retention is desirable.

Irrigation is recommended within 24 hours to ensure product effectiveness.

Note Maximum benefit from Bi-Agra will be achieved by washing into the full root zone of the turf

(approximately 75-100mm) with 15-20 mm irrigation or rainfall within 24 hours of application.

Irrigate turf every 7-14 days or as required.


Pack Size: 2 litre hose on packs, 20 litres and 200 litres