Breakthru Gold

Breakthru Gold
  • Liquid soil surfactant (non ionic)
  • Re-wets severely hydrophobic soils quickly
  • Spot treatment for problem areas
  • Dew control
  • Excellent product for initial stock dose


Suitable for

Dry patch control in:

  • Greens, tees and fairways
  • Sportsfields
  • Bowling greens
  • Cricket wickets
  • All hydropohibc turf situations



  • Special purpose penetrant for problem dry patch areas.
  • Maintains consistent water distribution through soil profile.
  • Excellent spot treatment for severely hydrophobic problem areas.
  • Best used as a pre treatment to a conventional soil wetting programme, such as a soil wetting agent and a soil humectant (root moisture management).
  • Can be used as a dew control during disease pressure and for dew reduction in night sports.


General Information

An intense, fast acting non ionic soil surfactant for severely hydrophobic soils, which can be used either as a spot treatment for problem areas, as a pre treatment to a soil wetting programme, or in boom spray equipment applied at low rates, often in a broad acre situation. This product can also be used for dew control.


Application Rate

  • Standard rate: 800ml - 3L/ha. Use the lower rate for frequent applications every two weeks.
  • Pre-treatment: 2.5L/ha for pre treatment to a soil wetting programme.
  • Dew suppressant: 3 - 5L/ha with 1000 - 5000 litres of water. Use the higher rate for longer term control. (3L/ha will give approximately 2 days control).
  • Spot treatment: 10 - 50ml/10 litres of water applied by knapsack sprayer as often as required.
  • Water rate: Use a minimum of 500 litres but preferably 1000 litres water per hectare. The higher the application rate the higher the water rate. Apply the first application mid spring (September) and continue through to autumn (or when autumn rains resume).

Caution: Like many soil surfactants, this product can be phytotoxic when used at high rates. We recommend thorough watering in by irrigation or rainfall when using this product.

Pack Size: 5 litres

Note: Ideal for use in spot treatment of problem areas by applying through a Kalo Pro-Ap applicator.