• Injectable wetting agent for cost effective broad acre application
  • Boom sprayed or through injector pumps into irrigation
  • Economical broad acre soil water penetrant for improved water movement


Suitable for

Enhanced water penetration in:

  • Greens, tees and fairways
  • Sportsfields
  • Bowling greens
  • Cricket wickets
  • All turf situations



  • Economical option for surfactant control on fairways and broad acre parks.
  • This product is very price competitive.
  • Can be used as injection for inline irrigation application or boom sprayed.
  • Lowers the surface tension, allowing a faster penetration of water through the turf thatch zone and soil surface.


General Information

A high performing and fast acting penetrant to improve moisture movement and reduce run-off from irrigation. Ensures irrigation water moves evenly through the soil and therefore assists in broad acre application to relieve localised dry spot (LDS) and save on water usage. It will not perform for as long as a general purpose soil wetter and needs to be applied frequently.


Application Rates

Injection: 1.8 - 5L/ha monthly. Use the higher rate for more demanding areas and the lower rate for weekly irrigation cycles.

Boom application: 3 - 5L/ha per fortnight in at least 500 litres of water.

Follow normal irrigation schedule and water before next morning.

Caution: Injectaforce generally doesn’t require watering in, however turf should be irrigated prior to the next morning. If applied in very dry conditions, follow up with thorough watering.

Pack Size: 20L and 200L