Organic Acid Removal System (OARS)

Organic Acid Removal System (OARS)

30 day hydrating surfactant which is a non toxic, non ionic, non flammable, non corrosive and biodegradable formulation of surfactants and organic solvents.



  • Uniform movement of water into and through the soil matrix
  • Removes the cause of water repellency
  • 30 day deep hydrating surfactant - for correct water movement
  • Will not burn
  • The corrective approach to water repellency rather than a temporary fix from normal soil surfactants


General Information

OARS is a solution that works. Before the discovery of OARS, the only way to manage LDS and water repellency was to mask them with hydrating surfactants and/or mechanical treatments. Aerification only affects about 5% of the surface area at one time. OARS aff ects 100% of the surface area per application and has demonstrated that it removes as much as 27.5% of water repellent organic acids after just two applications. Because turf is aggressive and is continually growing, the build up of organic acids is also continual, therefore ongoing treatments are necessary.
OARS is the only product currently available which removes the cause of water repellency. This results in a drier firmer playing surface, so turf managed with OARS will have fewer ball marks, less mower tracks and a premium surface.


Application Rates

20L/ha monthly or 10L/ha combined with a full surfactant programme (monthly) - in 800 litres of water per hectare.

Pack Size: 9.46L and 200L

Also available in tablet form.