Restore Granules

Restore Granules
  • Assists penetration of water into hydrophobic soils
  • Provides uniform wetting to enhance efficiency of fertiliser and pesticides
  • Ideal for use at renovation
  • Non ionic surfactant
  • Use where broadcast application required
  • Long term release


Suitable for

Dry patch control in:

  • Greens, tees and fairways
  • Sportsfields
  • Bowling greens
  • All short cut turf



  • Ease of application - can be spread by hand for problem areas or using a fertiliser type spreader for large areas such as fairways, playing fields, etc.
  • Does not require watering-in as rainfall or normal irrigation is sufficient.
  • Visible after application, which means no areas are missed.
  • Ideal for spring renovations.
  • Uniform particle size for even, accurate spreading.
  • Can be used in composting, potting mix and potential amendment blends.
  • Diatomaceous earth particle which is capable of being "reloaded" with a boom treatment.


General Information

An easy to use high quality granular wetting agent which is easy and accurate to spread. It can be used at renovation as a soil incorporated wetting agent and then followed by a quality wetting programme such as Restore liquid and Terracare (humectant) as part of an excellent summer wetting programme.


Application Rates

150kg/ha for monthly applications or up to 330kg/ha for a 12 week programme.

Use the low rate for maintenance or as a base for foliar programme, and the higher rate for premium results.

Note: The performance of this product will be enhanced by using in combination with other products in our soil wetting range as a programme. As with all soil surfactants, the earlier a programme is commenced in the spring the better the control of ‘dry patch’ over the summer months.

Pack Size: 25kg.