• General purpose wetting agent
  • For applications where moderate water repellency is a problem
  • Cost effective - long term wetter
  • For use with lower water volumes
  • Good even soil wetting qualities


Suitable for

Dry patch control in:

  • Greens, tees and fairways
  • Sportsfields
  • Bowling greens
  • Cricket wickets
  • All hydrophobic turf situations



  • Good even initial wetting of the soil.
  • Cost effective general purpose soil surfactant.
  • Restore can be used alone or with Terracare or Hydretain (humectants) in a monthly programme.
  • Further enhanced when used with an initial penetrant (Breakthru Gold).
  • Will continue to 're-wet' soil for up to three months.


General Information

A cost effective general purpose soil wetter for moderate water repellency situations. Extremely effective when used in a programme with Breakthru Gold (initially) and a humectant (Terracare or Hydretain). Less phytotoxic than many other soil wetters with excellent long term soil wetting properties. Although a low phytotoxic risk, thorough watering of all soil wetting products is recommended. As well as being an extra safety mechanism, it also enhances their performance.


Application Rates

20L/ha in 500 - 1000 litres of water per month.

50L/ha in 1200 - 2000 litres of water for a 12 week programme.

Water well following application.

Note: The performance of this product will be enhanced by using in combination with other products in our soil wetting range as a programme. As with all soil surfactants, the earlier a programme is commenced in the spring the better the control of ‘dry patch’ over the summer months. This product is ideal for use in spot treatment through a Kalo Pro-App applicator.

Pack Size: 20L and 20L.