New Innovations

PGG Wrightson Turf continue to invest in new products and innovations, and firmly understand the importance that technology has in modern turf management.  Whether it is breeding new grasses for an ever changing environment, or leading the change to more user friendly products such as Nutri DG, PGG Wrightson Turf are at the forefront of change.

Recently two new ryegrasses (Arena II and Atlas Staygreen®), a new browntop (Arrowtown), a new tall fescue (Currawong II) and two new avian deterrent grasses in the AVANEX® unique endophyte technology range (Colosseum ryegrass and Jackal tall fescue) have been released. Lately we have also evaluated new material such as the new transition ryegrass T3.

AVANEX® unique endophyte technology has recently won the Australasian DuPont Innovation Award for Performance Materials, which recognises the commercialisation of outstanding science and technology in Australasia.

More information on AVANEX® unique endophyte technology